Managing Principal Sue Tierney Quoted in “Boston Globe” Article on Grid Reliability

February 08, 2012

Managing Principal Susan F. Tierney was quoted in a recent Boston Globe magazine article discussing the range of technology, policy, and environmental changes that are putting greater strain on the U.S. electricity grid. In the article “What If the Lights Go Out?” (February 5, 2012), author Neil Swidey notes that while “we’ve come to expect that whenever we flip the switch or plug in to the outlet, the juice will be there ... the grid may be ill-equipped to meet all the enormous challenges it faces.” Dr. Tierney, a power industry expert who has written papers and testified before Congress on the state of the nation’s electricity generation and distribution infrastructure, comments on some of those challenges—including the increased frequency of extreme weather events, the potential for physical and virtual attacks on the bulk power system, and the complexities associated with upgrading or closing aging power plants.

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