Financial Institutions

Economic and financial consulting, and expert testimony to banks, insurance companies, payment card companies, and investment firms


Our litigation-related work for banking clients includes:

  • analysis of business strategies of banks and bank holding companies
  • analysis of lending policies and loan underwriting practices of banks and thrifts
  • investigation of bank performance and solvency
  • assessment of both liability and damages issues in lender-liability disputes
  • examination of bank regulations and tax laws

We have also valued bank assets on numerous occasions; researched the causes and consequences of the failure of financial institutions; and analyzed economic models related to bank failure prediction.


Guhan SubramanianAffiliate Guhan Subramanian examines the potential role of private equity investment in troubled financial institutions. 


Our strategic consulting experience includes developing portfolio planning and product development processes and market and trend analyses for new business development.

In subprime lending and other investigations, we have addressed complex questions involving real estate financing transactions, loan origination, securitization, and servicing. Our work has focused on:

  • lending policies and underwriting practices of banks and thrifts
  • underwriting costs and fees of mortgage lenders
  • evaluation of variation across regions in real estate conveyance practices and closing costs
  • mortgage originators’ loan repurchase obligations
  • prepayment and default risk in mortgage backed securities, and risks and valuation of collateralized mortgage obligation