Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Strategies based in rigorous economic and financial analysis to help companies facing challenging times

The problems facing troubled and bankrupt companies are frequently complex. Bankruptcy-related disputes may involve multiple approaches to valuation and complicated corporate structures and accounting issues. To address them effectively requires a mix of industry, financial, economic, and analytic expertise.

Companies and their creditors need assistance with:

  • Identification of strategic options
  • Valuation 
  • Risk assessment
  • Evaluation of plans of reorganization
  • Expert testimony

We provide this assistance using rigorous economic and financial analysis to help clients facing bankruptcy and restructuring challenges make difficult, high stakes decisions.

Inherited Debt?

Inherited Debt?In cases involving complex corporate structures, if a parent company files for bankruptcy, it may be necessary to determine the extent, if any, to which its subsidiaries or legal entities are also subject to debtholder claims. 


Our firm specializes in work that is analytically complex, data-intensive, and deadline driven. Our work meets the highest standards of rigor and withstands the pressures of the boardroom and courtroom.