With offices in the United States, Canada, and China, we’re never far from interesting and important work. We staff many of our engagements with teams drawn from multiple offices.


Analysis Group was founded in 1981 in a suburb of Boston by Michael Koehn (now an affiliate and Board member) and Bruce Stangle (now Chairman of the Board). Their objective: to provide top-quality economic and financial research that would bridge business and academia.

The Boston office is the largest in the firm, and houses the administrative and corporate functions as well as a diverse group of consultants and experts.

Examples of Our Work
Our Boston staff has participated in many large-scale, high-profile litigations, including Microsoft and vitamins antitrust cases, securities and mutual fund matters, and numerous health care engagements involving both litigation and business strategy issues. The office also has built strong practice expertise in energy and environmental cases, as well as in commercial litigation. Recent case wins include:


Managing Principals and Principals
Almudena Arcelus
Howard G. Birnbaum
Tasneem Chipty
Pierre Y. Cremieux
Adam Decter
Mei Sheng Duh
Rebecca Kirk Fair
Michael Falvey
Brian S. Gorin
Paul E. Greenberg
Mark Howrey
George Kosicki
Michael J. Quinn
Martha S. Samuelson
Laura Boothman Stamm
Bruce E. Stangle
Richard M. Starfield
Alan G. White
Eric Wu
Vice Presidents
Rene Befurt
Jonathan Borck
Stephen Cacciola
Hiu Man Chan
Kristen Comeaux
Laura Comstock
Ted Davis
Brian Ellman
Stephen Fink
Christian Frois
Paul J. Hibbard
Michael Holland
Xinyu Ji
Noam Kirson
Gene J. Kovacs
Mark Lewis
Susanna Matter
David N. Mishol
Richard A. Mortimer
Andrea Okie
Nikita Piankov
Crystal Pike
Brad Rice
Dov Rothman
Jimmy Royer
Todd Schatzki
Shannon N. Seitz
James Signorovitch
Tamar Sisitsky
Samuel Weglein
Aaron Yeater
Mihran Yenikomshian