Analyst, Dallas

Why did you choose to join Analysis Group?
My plan after graduating from college was to look for a career in consulting – I had some consulting experience through an internship and wanted to pursue different avenues in the same world. In the process of researching different types of consulting jobs, I made a connection with a vice president of Analysis Group in Dallas. He explained to me what Analysis Group does, and I was instantly intrigued by the diversity of the firm and the different areas of focus.
What types of cases do you work on?
I mostly work on cases involving intellectual property infringement, commercial litigation and damages, and securities and financial instruments, but I have had a wide variety of case experiences here at Analysis Group. One week I will be analyzing the auto industry market and the next I will be preparing trial demonstratives for a medical devices case.

I assist experts in their preparation of expert reports by providing data analysis and document review. Some of the tasks I perform regularly include helping to prepare report exhibits as well as trial exhibits and demonstratives; performing financial restructuring, complex modeling, and damages quantification; and organizing and summarizing documents.
What is it like to work on a case team?
Working on a case team is a great way to delegate responsibilities to several people. I find a team is able to get more accomplished by each member contributing to the direction of a project and then individually preparing portions of the work material. My role may vary depending on the size of the team; I may be needed only for document review or for data analysis. I enjoy working on these types of case teams because it benefits my development and it assists with work/life balance.
What is the culture like in your office?
The Dallas office is relatively small, but it gives me an opportunity to work with several team leaders. The culture is fast paced and collaborative. In our team environment, we often have different levels of experience and background – I find this diversity exciting because it brings unique perspectives to each report. I feel that our office is very flat in hierarchy, and I therefore have more opportunities to work directly with managers or work on tasks that a more senior-level employee would normally perform.
Emily Job