Professional Staff

Edmond Toy



Ph.D., health policy, Harvard University; M.S., technology and policy, and civil and environmental engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.A.S., civil engineering, and values, technology, science, and society, Stanford University
Summary of Experience:

Dr. Toy specializes in economic analysis related to health care and the environment. His recent projects have included analyses of large claims databases to measure patient treatment compliance, resource utilization, and health outcomes across a variety of diseases; budget impact analyses; and development of a quantitative model to analyze the effects of national health care trends and policies on the strategic position of a large pharmaceutical company. Dr. Toy also has supported testifying experts in intellectual property matters related to pharmaceuticals, and in cases involving economic damages stemming from groundwater contamination.

Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Toy served in the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where he coordinated the review of environmental and transportation-related regulations.