Natalie Mizik

Professor of Marketing, J. Gary Shansby Endowed Chair in Marketing Strategy, Foster School of Business, University of Washington

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Ph.D., marketing, University of Washington; M.S., economics, Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO University)

Summary of Experience

Professor Mizik is an expert in marketing strategy, valuation of intangibles, earnings management, and executive compensation in a range of industries, including health care. She has published in top academic marketing and management journals. Her research centers on examining the consequences of marketing strategies and activities on financial performance, developing new metrics for marketing assets, and building empirical models for assessing the value of intangible marketing assets. She has developed econometric analyses of sales, examined issues related to brand valuation, and researched evidence of real activity and accounting manipulations to artificially inflate reported earnings. An award-winning teacher and researcher, she has served on the faculty of Columbia Business School, UNC, and as a visiting faculty at MIT. She served on the American Marketing Association Academic Council and as an officer of the INFORMS (The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Society for Marketing Science. Professor Mizik also served as an expert witness for a major pharmaceutical company in a false advertising case. 

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