Alexander Rikun




Ph.D., operations research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.S., applied mathematics, Columbia University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Rikun specializes in applying economic, financial, and statistical methods to questions arising in complex securities and finance litigation. He has supported several experts in analyzing the performance of residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) in related litigation. In particular, he has examined loss causation issues, conducted statistical and econometric analyses on loan-level and certificate-level data, and estimated Section 11 and 12 exposures. Mr. Rikun has also examined and critiqued statistical sampling methodologies proposed by opposing experts in financial securities litigation.

In addition, Mr. Rikun has evaluated the effects and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs in health care litigation and non-litigation health care research matters. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Rikun worked as a trading analyst on equity derivatives and proprietary trading desks at Lehman Brothers.