Charlene Zhou


San Francisco


Ph.D. and M.A., economics, M.S., statistics, Stanford University; M.A., economics, Peking University; B.A., economics, and B.S., mathematics, Wuhan University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Zhou has experience in securities, antitrust, telecommunications, energy and environment, and intellectual property matters. She specializes in statistical and econometric analysis of large financial data sets and has managed case teams to support academic expert testimony in financial litigations. Dr. Zhou has statistically quantified loan underwriting deficiencies, assessed valuations of residential properties, constructed regression models for pricing mortgage-backed securities, conducted event studies and investor trading modeling to evaluate damages in class certification, and calculated shareholder losses attributable to fraudulent financial statements. She has also worked on a number of antitrust cases involving allegations of predatory pricing and attempted monopolization, and intellectual property infringement cases to determine the royalty of a portfolio of patents. In her telecommunications work, Dr. Zhou has researched the policy impact on mobile carrier competition, including policies regarding wireless spectrum auctions and inter-network access charges. In her energy and environment work, Dr. Zhou has evaluated the tax effect of allocating revenues from carbon emission permit auctions, compared markets of trading renewable energy credits across U.S. states, and assessed electric utilities' market power and concentration in regional wholesale electric power markets under the market-based rate regulatory framework of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Her areas of academic research include environmental commodities trading, environmental policy evaluation, auction design and bidding strategy, and network industry competition.

Selected Publishing