Shogo Hamasaki


Washington, D.C.


Ph.D., economics, University of California, Los Angeles; B.A., economics, University of California, Berkeley

Summary of Experience

Dr. Hamasaki is an economist who specializes in the application of microeconomics, including industrial organization and game theory, to litigation and complex business problems. He has applied economic and financial analyses to questions arising in complex intellectual property, securities and financial instruments, and commercial litigation. Dr. Hamasaki's recent work has focused on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) determinations at the U.S. International Trade Commission and U.S. district courts, valuing information transferred to a competing firm by employees bound to non-compete clauses and valuing distressed commercial real estate. He has also evaluated intellectual property damages and valuations in numerous settings, the commercial success of patents embodied in a variety of pharmaceutical and high-technology products, and alleged investment mismanagement. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Hamasaki served as a research assistant and taught microeconomics at the University of California, Los Angeles.