Edi M. Grgeta

Vice President

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Ph.D., economics, The University of Chicago; B.A., mathematics, and B.S., economics, George Washington University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Grgeta has experience in securities, antitrust, and labor economics. He has served as an expert and testified on antitrust issues and damages, managed case teams in support of academic and industry experts, and provided consulting assistance to attorneys. 

Dr. Grgeta's recent assignments have included arbitration testimony in a contract dispute and work supporting Analysis Group affiliate and Purdue Professor of Finance John McConnell's testimony in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota et al v. Wells Fargo Bank N. A. 

In finance and securities matters, Dr. Grgeta has valued businesses and assets, analyzed investment strategies, evaluated compliance with investment policies, assessed suitability of complex securities, conducted statistical sampling analyses, addressed class certification issues, and measured damages. In antitrust matters, he has testified on the competitiveness of contract provisions, and has consulted on class certification and damages issues in numerous industries. In labor and employment cases, Dr. Grgeta has designed and valued executive compensation and has worked on lost wages, pension benefits, and off-the-clock work. Dr. Grgeta is a CFA charterholder.