Jimmy Royer

Vice President

Jimmy Royer



Ph.D., M.A., and B.A., economics, Université Laval

Summary of Experience

Dr. Royer specializes in economics and statistics. He has applied his analytical and econometric skills in labor economics, finance, intellectual property, pharmacoeconomics, competition policy, and antitrust cases in the United States and Canada. His recent work includes performing valuations of patents in the communications industry, evaluating damages related to product defects, analyzing investment guidelines in securities lending suits, addressing allegations of monopolization in major antitrust cases involving high-technology firms, supporting various academic experts on mutual fund market timing and excess fee cases, and developing bonds rating and pricing models in finance cases. In addition, Dr. Royer has conducted extensive academic research and coauthored books and papers on topics such as pricing of mutual funds, antitrust limit pricing, valuation of private investments for hospitals in Nova Scotia, impact of hypertension therapies on mortality, and international comparisons of unemployment compensation. Dr. Royer is an adjunct professor at Université de Sherbrooke, where he regularly teaches advanced econometrics courses.

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