Nathan Novemsky

Professor of Marketing, Yale School of Management; Professor of Psychology, Yale University



Ph.D. and M.A., social psychology, Princeton University

Summary of Experience

Professor Novemsky is an expert in the psychology of judgment and decision-making, an area that overlaps heavily with behavioral economics and consumer behavior. One area of specialization is problem framing, which focuses on structuring situations to maximize good long-term decisions and avoiding pitfalls of behavioral economics by understanding how natural psychological tendencies can derail optimal decision-making. He is a member of the Yale Center for Customer Insights, and has consulted on numerous legal cases (e.g., deceptive advertising, defamation) related to how individuals interpret information they see in the media and other contexts. He has published widely on topics in judgment and decision-making, and is the associate editor of the Journal of Marketing Research

AG Contacts

Rebecca Kirk Fair