Sophie Yang




Ph.D., economics, Michigan State University; M.B.A., The University of Chicago

Summary of Experience

Dr. Yang specializes in pharmaceutical and intellectual property economics. She has worked on a range of pharmaceutical matters involving off-label promotion, kickback, false advertising claims, breach of contract claims, and patent infringement litigation. Dr. Yang has also provided strategy consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Dr. Yang's intellectual property expertise includes early-stage valuation; the evaluation of economic damages related to patent, false advertising, and theft of trade secrets; and the evaluation of commercial success of patented products. Dr. Yang has more than a decade of experience designing and evaluating surveys and performing analyses of complex data. 

Prior to Analysis Group, Dr. Yang spent several years as an associate director in the economic consulting industry. She also served as an instructor of statistics and survey design at Michigan State University, where she taught sampling methods and survey research.