Duncan Fung

Vice President

New York


M.B.A., financial engineering, MIT Sloan School of Management; B.A., economics, Yale University

Summary of Experience

Mr. Fung specializes in commercial litigation matters involving securities class actions, valuation, corporate governance, and statistics. He has been involved in various phases of litigation, from the initial identification of expert witnesses and planning and managing research efforts, through depositions, mediations, and trials. Mr. Fung has developed and critiqued analyses of market efficiency for common stock and options, assessed materiality through established and novel econometric methods, and developed alternative estimates of damages.

Mr. Fung has developed and critiqued valuations of hard-to-price financial instruments, assets, and companies, including restricted shares subject to Rule 144, illiquid mortgage-backed securities that trade over the counter, thinly traded convertible bonds, a privately held metal mining company, and the technology portfolio of a major financial services firm. He has also developed computer programs for pricing portfolios of equity options, as well as computer simulations of more exotic options to address specific fact patterns. In connection with residential mortgage-backed securities litigation, he has evaluated the reliability of a statistical sampling approach and the validity of putative samples of loans. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Mr. Fung consulted for Cornerstone Research.