Hiu Man Chan

Vice President

Hiu Man Chan



Ph.D., M.Phil., and M.A., economics, Yale University; B.S., economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Summary of Experience

Dr. Chan has more than 15 years of economic consulting experience specializing in industrial organization and econometrics. She has conducted qualitative and quantitative economic analyses in matters involving attempted monopolization, bundling, tying, exclusionary conduct, price-fixing, price discrimination, mergers, patent infringement, and securities fraud. She has also consulted on matters involving the use of survey methodologies such as conjoint analysis. Dr. Chan’s work has covered a broad range of products and industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, smartphones and tablets, airlines, tobacco, payment cards, computer software, information services, entertainment, consumer products, and natural resources. She has coauthored articles on disability benefits covered by the Social Security Administration in the Journal of Applied Econometrics and Labour Economics. Prior to joining Analysis Group, Dr. Chan served as a principal at Charles River Associates.