Samuel Weglein

Vice President

Samuel Weglein



Ph.D., economics, Columbia University; B.A., economics, Yeshiva University

Summary of Experience

Dr. Weglein specializes in the application of economics and statistics to the analysis of liability issues and the quantification of damages in litigation settings. He has worked on several complex antitrust cases, as well as on cases that span a wide range of financial institutions and instruments. In the antitrust sphere, Dr. Weglein has supported damages experts on behalf of Microsoft in several consumer class actions in California, Arizona, Minnesota, Iowa, and Mississippi, as well as one competitor action by Novell. He also supported an expert in competitive strategy on behalf of Intel, in connection with litigations brought by AMD and the State of New York. In matters involving financial institutions and instruments, Dr. Weglein has worked on cases involving total return swaps, credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, private equity, asset management, securities lending, and mutual funds. He has also performed valuations of tangible and intangible assets in tax matters and fraudulent conveyance cases.

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