Affiliated Experts

We work with a network of distinguished experts from leading academic institutions, industry, and government.

In addition to our staff experts, Analysis Group works with a network of highly regarded experts from leading academic institutions, industry, and government.

Together, we offer our clients leading thinking, integrated with quantitative analysis and hands-on experience, to help resolve pressing business and legal challenges.
Identifying the Right Expert

Identifying the Right ExpertSome litigation calls for the introduction of highly focused – and sometimes hard to find – subject knowledge. 
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Deborah Haas-WilsonSmith College
Brian J. HallHarvard Business School
Robert E. HallHoover Institution, Stanford University
Oliver HartHarvard University
John R. HauserSloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Donna HitscherichColumbia Business School
Stephen J. HochThe Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Donna L. HoffmanGeorge Washington University School of Business
R. Glenn HubbardColumbia Business School
Luis María HueteIESE Business School, University of Navarra
James W. HughesBates College