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  • Sizing Up the Competition: Antitrust Enforcement and the Bazaarvoice Ruling

    High-profile or highly profitable firms are no longer the sole targets of post-merger divestitures by antitrust enforcers. Today, firms that have little or no revenues, including some that operate in emergent industries with little or negative profits, also find themselves subject to merger inquiries, as demonstrated by the recent merger review of Bazaarvoice’s 2012 non-reportable $160 million acquisition of PowerReviews.

  • EPA's Clean Power Plan

    States are well positioned to implement the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan, according to a new study conducted by Analysis Group Senior Advisor Susan Tierney and Vice Presidents Paul Hibbard and Andrea Okie.

  • Managing Principal John Jarosz Discusses Trends in IP Litigation in "Inside Counsel" Article

    The economic consulting landscape has changed over the past 30 years, particularly in intellectual property litigation, according to Managing Principal John Jarosz in a recent Inside Counsel article.

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