Financial Institutions

Economic and financial consulting, and expert testimony to banks, insurance companies, payment card companies, and investment firms

Investment Firms

We have analyzed competitive issues, evaluated portfolio risk, assessed investment strategies, and studied fee structures in both litigation and business contexts for clients in the investment industry including:

  • mutual fund and financial services companies
  • pension funds
  • brokerages
  • investment banks
  • market makers
  • private equity firms
  • hedge funds
  • other financial institutions

Our staff and affiliates are expert in the structure and workings of private equity and venture capital firms and hedge funds. These firms undertake highly leveraged investments, often in bankrupt companies, and when credit markets contract, their transactions may be shelved, resulting in litigation.

In the mutual fund industry, we have addressed the economic impact of market timing and late trading as well as mutual fund fee structures.

Our work with major fund complexes and their boards includes some of the highest-profile cases in the mutual fund industry.

We have a long-standing track record of work with major investment banks in a range of matters including Enron-related litigations. And through our work on behalf of Alliance Capital in the Florida State Board of Administration v. Alliance Capital Management trial, we participated in a landmark victory for the active investment industry.


Issues in Tribal Trust LitigationWe have been consulting to the DOJ on these matters; the claims derive from treaties executed between Native American tribes and the United States in the 1800s.


P. ChadwickAffiliate Patricia Chadwick has served as an expert in suits involving investment processes, research, and portfolio management.