Affiliated Experts

Joshua Lerner

Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School

Analysis Group Contact
Martha Samuelson, Rebecca Kirk Fair 

Ph.D., economics, Harvard University
Summary of Experience:
Professor Lerner's research focuses on the structure and role of venture capital organizations. He also examines policies concerning intellectual property protection, particularly patents, and their impact on growth and high-technology industries, much of which is discussed in his book, Innovation and Its Discontents (Princeton University Press, 2004). He is a Research Associate in the National Bureau of Economic Research's Corporate Finance and Productivity Programs. In addition, he is a co-organizer of the NBER Innovation Policy and the Economy Group, serves as co-editor of their publication, Innovation Policy and the Economy, and is an organizer of the NBER Entrepreneurship Working Group. His work has been published in a variety of top academic journals. He also teaches a doctoral course on entrepreneurship and organizes an annual executive course on private equity.


Analysis that Informs Policy, Strategy

Our professionals have conducted research with affiliate Josh Lerner, exploring the economic impact of policy and legal decisions on the funding and implementation of new technologies.