With offices in the United States, Canada, and China, we’re never far from interesting and important work. We staff many of our engagements with teams drawn from multiple offices.

Los Angeles

Analysis Group's first Los Angeles-area office was opened in the mid-1980s by Michael Koehn, co-founder of the firm and now an affiliate and Board member. Our current location in downtown Los Angeles is one of the largest Analysis Group offices. The L.A. staff has worked on behalf of clients across the country and across industries who face challenges stemming from class action litigation and economic regulation. We have expertise in securities and mutual funds, antitrust and intellectual property issues, and in evaluating commercial damages. We frequently work closely with colleagues from other offices in securities and insurance litigation.

Examples of Our Work 



Managing Principals and Principals
Michael Beauregard
Mark H. Egland
D. Lee Heavner
Jeffrey H. Kinrich
Marnie A. Moore
Bruce A. Strombom
Vice Presidents
Kevin Gold
Mark A. Gustafson
Suzanne Heinemann
Niall MacMenamin
Ahmer Nabi
Mike Nguyen
Peter P. Simon
Andrew Stichman
Kristen Leigh Willard
Los Angeles

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