Academic Affiliate Catherine Tucker Receives American Marketing Association Foundation Award

March 06, 2015

In high-profile litigation and corporate decision making, the results of expertly designed market research and surveys have increasingly been analyzed to offer insights relevant to the drivers of consumer choice, purchase behavior, and customer confusion, among other topics. The American Marketing Association (AMA), one of the largest organizations for academic and professional marketing practitioners, regularly recognizes its members' achievements in furthering the use of these methods.  

Recently, the AMA Foundation honored Analysis Group academic affiliate and MIT Sloan School of Management professor Catherine Tucker with the 2015 Erin Anderson Award in recognition of her outstanding record as an emerging female marketing scholar and mentor. The award - which was given at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators' Conference in San Antonio, TX, on February 14, 2015 - honors the life of Erin Anderson, a widely respected mentor and marketing scholar from INSEAD graduate business school.

"Professor Tucker is an exceptional economist and marketing scholar, and a very deserving recipient of this award," noted Managing Principal Rebecca Kirk Fair. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with her as an academic affiliate to Analysis Group, and her students at MIT Sloan are tremendously lucky to have her as a resource and mentor."

The AMA Foundation acknowledged Professor Tucker's contributions in a press release: "Professor Tucker also sets a leading example for women early in their career, demonstrating how they can balance their academic lives with their personal ones and find success in both areas."

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