Analysis Group Energy Consultants Study CEO Perceptions of California Energy Policies

March 11, 2013

An Analysis Group team, including Vice Presidents Paul Hibbard and Andrea Okie, and Managing Principal Susan Tierney, partnered with the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) Institute to study how California business leaders view the state's energy policies. The study, "California's Advanced Energy Economy: Advanced Energy Business Leaders' Perspectives and Recommendations on California's Energy Policies," presents key findings from a series of interviews with CEOs and senior executives from advanced energy companies with operations in the state. The study found that executives approve of California's efforts to advance energy technology but are concerned about the complicated regulatory landscape.

"Feedback from business leaders is critical," Mr. Hibbard said in an AEE press release, "because the markets for these companies' technologies, products, and services are driven by the state's energy and environmental policies. Private enterprise will determine to a large degree the success or failure of these policies for California's economy and its residents."

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