Bloomberg BNA Publication Cites Managing Principal Anita Chawla on Business Strategy in Personalized Medicine

October 16, 2015

At a panel at the October 7, 2015 "Business of Personalized Medicine Summit," Managing Principal Anita Chawla emphasized that developers of personalized drugs and diagnostics must have an approach for generating data for all stakeholders, including payers, early in the product development cycle before clinical trials begin to support a sustainable business strategy. Dr. Chawla's insights on effective drug and diagnostic development and commercialization were cited in a Bloomberg BNA Life Sciences Law & Industry Report article, "Consider Who Will Pay Early in Product Development" (October 9, 2015), which also noted the importance of government payers, the role of employers, and the changing regulatory and reimbursement environment. 

At the conference, Dr. Chawla called out the prevalence of high expectations on the part of payers. Because personalized medicine is highly customized and premised on individual "genes, environment and lifestyle to determine optimal treatment for individual patients," Dr. Chawla added that, "Increasingly I think we're going to see patients involved in all those decisions, and people want to see evidence."

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