Economic Studies on Health Care in China Edited by Analysis Group

March 19, 2014

Managing Principal Eric Q. Wu served as guest editor, along with Vice President Jipan Xie and Professor Lizheng Shi of Tulane University, of a special issue of Adis's PharmacoEconomics journal focused on China. Health Economic Issues in China is devoted to studies addressing aspects of China's current health care system from a health economics and outcomes research perspective. Many of the authors who contributed to the issue are important and influential figures, including Wannian Liang of the department of health care reform in China's National Health and Family Planning Commission and Professor Gordon Liu, professor of economics and director of the China Center for Health Economics Research at Peking University's Guanghua School of Management, an Analysis Group affiliate, and a thought leader on health economics issues in China.

The special issue contains original research on a number of disease-specific topics, as well as studies related to multiple aspects of health care reform in China.

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