Managing Principal Susan Tierney Discusses Economic Impact of Recent Cold Weather in USA Today Article

January 27, 2014

Unseasonably cold temperatures across the United States have affected many consumers this winter and will likely result in higher utility bills, according to a recent front-page article in USA Today Weekend. The article, "Frigid temperatures heat up home utility bills" (January 24--26, 2014), explores the cold's impact on heating bills across the country and features insights from several energy experts, including Managing Principal Susan Tierney.

According to Dr. Tierney, the rising costs of utility bills could affect consumer spending moving forward. "It's been hard enough for households to keep warm. But I'm afraid they're going to get another punch a month from now, when their heating bills show up,'' says Dr. Tierney. "All of those furnaces working around the clock have increased demand for natural gas, contributing to price spikes, especially in the Northeast. That's a tough combination for households on fixed budgets. Some of the numbers, especially for low-income people, could be staggering.''

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