Managing Principal Susan Tierney Discusses Pollution in China in CNBC Article

December 19, 2013

Rapid economic expansion and urbanization in China have led to pollution problems and other environmental concerns, according to a recent article posted to the CNBC website. The article, "An unpolluted China? Don't hold your breath" (December 18, 2013), explores the causes of China's current environmental challenges and features insights from several experts, including Managing Principal Susan Tierney.

According to Dr. Tierney -- who has been an expert on U.S. and Chinese energy and environmental developments for decades -- China's pollution issues have been a problem for years. "There are constant health alerts, and you can't see buildings a quarter of a mile away … They have a long way to go to reach economic growth and addressing the pollution problem." China's government and business leaders have had to balance the environmental consequences of rapid expansion with job creation, supplying sufficient energy for industrial production and growth, and managing shifts in population from rural to urban areas. In this context, addressing the millions of people still living below the national poverty line has been front of mind, and until recently, has made it difficult for China to think about going green. "There are a lot of poor in China, and the country has to create jobs for the huge population," says Dr. Tierney. "They still have to create economic growth and stop pollution of the air and water. It won't be easy."

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