Managing Principal Susan Tierney Quoted in NBC News Story on Smart Energy Grid

February 11, 2013

Managing Principal Susan Tierney was quoted in the NBC News web article "Not just a Super Bowl problem: Blackouts show need for smart grid, experts say." The article cites recent power outages at the Super Bowl in New Orleans and caused by Hurricane Sandy in New York and New Jersey as examples of the need to consider new energy infrastructure solutions in the United States.

Dr. Tierney is an energy expert and coauthor of the National Research Council report on terrorism and the electric power delivery system. In the article, she commented on the interconnectedness and vulnerability of U.S. energy infrastructure and the financial effects that a catastrophic event involving the grid could have. "Almost every aspect of our economy is touched by electricity, from banking to hospitals to world markets," she said in the article. "The worst-case scenario could be devastating."

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