Managing Principal Susan Tierney Speaks at Tufts- and MIT-Hosted Energy Conferences

March 04, 2013

Managing Principal Susan Tierney participated in two recent energy conferences hosted by Tufts University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She delivered a keynote address at the 2013 Tufts Energy Conference (March 2--3) focused on global energy security. In her speech, Dr. Tierney, an expert on energy policy and economics, defined the points of vulnerability within our existing energy infrastructure, and outlined the challenges and opportunities that U.S. energy providers and policymakers face in protecting and enhancing domestic and global resource development. Additionally, Dr. Tierney was a panelist at the eighth annual MIT Energy Conference (March 1--2), participating in the session, "The Old Made New -- Conventional Resource Innovation in the 21st Century." The speakers discussed the limitations of fossil fuels and new ways to tap into the earth's conventional energy resources. Dr. Tierney commented on existing and potential federal and state policies to stimulate innovation in the oil, gas, and coal sectors.

Separately, Dr. Tierney addressed the attendees of the University of Colorado's series on natural gas, hosted by the Center for the American West (March 5). She discussed the potential economic, security, and environmental impacts of natural gas development in the United States, focusing in particular on issues related to the environmental and safety footprint of natural gas extraction and delivery.