President and CEO Martha Samuelson Discusses the Value of Coaching in the Boston Business Journal

February 24, 2014

Analysis Group President and CEO Martha Samuelson shared her perspectives on seeking and offering advice and discussed the strengths of the firm in a recent interview with the Boston Business Journal. The article, "Women Up: Martha Samuelson of Analysis Group" (February 21, 2014), is part of the journal's executive profile series, which captures insights from senior leaders in the region.

Ms. Samuelson recounts how she and other consultants benefit from internal coaching opportunities, and how she values getting multiple perspectives in making decisions: "I think that the first thing that you decide is often not the right thing. You've got to think about it and test it with other people." Creating outlets for colleagues to share and receive feedback pays off, she says: "You do get a lot back."

Ms. Samuelson notes that the firm's trust-based and sharing culture has enabled its growth. Empowering employees at all levels of the firm, "making them feel like they've got a future with the firm, that they ought to ask a question if they think there's a problem [is important]," she says. "That's what we think we do better … we have a deeper bench … [the] junior people who are working on cases are unbelievably important," she notes. "The face might be the partner who gets hired by the law firm partner, the expert who gets hired by the law firm partner, but there are all these people behind the face," she notes. "That's our value proposition."

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