Printing Company Receives Favorable Verdict against Former Partner

August 27, 2014

Analysis Group client MacDermid Printing Solutions (MacDermid) was awarded $35.4 million by a Connecticut federal jury in its antitrust, breach of contract, and trade secrets theft suits against its former business partner, Cortron Corporation (Cortron). Analysis Group academic affiliate and Yale School of Management professor James Levinsohn served as the testifying expert for MacDermid in this case. Professor Levinsohn evaluated MacDermid's claims of antitrust injury and associated damages and calculated the damages caused by Cortron's alleged breach of contract and misappropriation of trade secrets. Professor Levinsohn was supported by Vice President Dov Rothman and Associate Rob Espinosa in this matter. The jury ultimately agreed with Professor Levinsohn's assessment with respect to every major issue in the trial and awarded damages based on his testimony.