Profile of Vice President Jimmy Royer Highlights Expertise in "Deflategate" Matter

October 01, 2015

In a detailed profile, the Montreal newspaper La Presse highlighted Vice President Jimmy Royer's expert contributions in the widely watched "deflategate" matter, in which Analysis Group provided critical analysis on behalf of the NFL Players Association against the National Football League regarding the four-game suspension of New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady. The French-language article, "Un économiste montréalais pour protéger Tom Brady" (La Presse, October 1, 2015) notes that Dr. Royer's important role in this matter followed on his previous experience conducting detailed analyses in other intellectual property and finance matters. In "deflategate," Dr. Royer was directly involved in the assessment of the statistical evidence presented by Exponent in the NFL-sponsored Wells Report related to the relative pressure of footballs used in the AFC Championship Game on January 18, 2015. In particular, Dr. Royer explained that because the pressure of the footballs were not taken simultaneously at halftime - but were instead measured sequentially - changes in temperature and moisture could greatly affect the test results. The implications of this timing difference were not included in Exponent's statistical models, which had a significant impact on the findings of the NFL-sponsored Wells Report.

In his September 3, 2015 decision to vacate the suspension of Tom Brady, US District Court Judge Richard M. Berman referenced Analysis Group academic affiliate  Edward A. Snyder, Dean of the Yale School of Management, who had presented his findings at the June 23rd appeal hearing before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Supporting Dean Snyder in that analysis were Senior Lecturer  Michael J. Moore of Northwestern University, and an Analysis Group team led by Dr. Royer as well as Managing Principals  Pierre Cremieux  and  Paul Greenberg. Reflecting on the matter in the La Presse article, Dr. Royer remembered "deflategate" as a case in which his interest in football and his professional life intersected in one of the most exciting matters in his career.

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