Special Issue of PharmacoEconomics Journal on Economic Consequences of Obesity Edited by Analysis Group

July 22, 2015

Managing Principal Pierre Cremieux served as guest editor, along with Vice President Christian Frois, of a special issue of Adis's PharmacoEconomics journal focused on obesity. This issue highlights the challenges facing global health care systems from the obesity epidemic. Economic Consequences of Obesity includes articles that detail the significance of the economic and humanistic burden of the disease in numerous contexts. Christopher Carswell, editor of PharmacoEconomics, detailed the significance of the new edition of the journal: "This issue of PharmacoEconomics highlights the enormity and truly global nature of the challenge facing health care systems in tackling the obesity epidemic." He cited the need for "significant and effective interventions," noting, "As Dr. Frois and Dr. Cremieux state in their opening editorial 'a step change is urgently needed to scale the necessary investments to the challenges of this disease.' This issue is thus essential reading for all stakeholders, including policy makers, decision makers, clinicians, and researchers."

Authors who contributed to the issue include Analysis Group Managing Principals Anita Chawla, Pierre Cremieux, and Edward Tuttle, Vice President Christian Frois, Manager Ginger Carls, and Associate Edmund Deng, as well as researchers from academic institutions that include "Alma Mater Studiorum" University (Bologna, Italy); Cornell University Department of Policy Analysis and Management (Ithaca, NY, USA); Duke University Global Health Institute (Durham, NC, US); Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School (Singapore); Emory University (Atlanta, GA, USA); Harvard University School of Public Health (Cambridge, MA, US); Imperial College (London, UK); King's College (London, UK); Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA, US); University of Messina (Messina, Italy); Thomas Jefferson University School of Population Health (Philadelphia, PA, US); and University of Southern California Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy and Economics (Los Angeles, CA, US). Other contributors include researchers, decision makers, and policy makers from numerous stakeholder organizations.

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