Vice President Christian Frois Presents on Future Oncology Pricing and Market Access Strategies

October 24, 2014

Vice President Christian Frois discussed potential future strategies for pricing and market access in oncology at the Market Access USA 2014 conference held October 22--23 in Boston, Massachusetts. During his presentation, "Future Strategies for Pricing and Market Access in Oncology," Dr. Frois argued that decision makers are at a crossroads, as the current model for market access and pricing in oncology is unsustainable. Dr. Frois also reviewed some of the likely future developments and requirements for oncology pricing and market access executives in the United States and globally.

In addition to this presentation, Dr. Frois chaired two panel sessions: "How Are Global Trends Influencing Payer Decision Making?" and "How Can Payers and Industry Work Together to Ensure that Innovative, Valuable Drugs Make It to the Patients That Need Them?"

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