Vice President Paul Hibbard Discusses Renewable Energy Markets on New Hampshire Public Radio

May 03, 2013

In the New Hampshire Public Radio feature "Connecticut Law Could Be Good for Northern Pass, Bad for N.H. Biomass" (May 2, 2013), Analysis Group Vice President Paul Hibbard and other energy experts discuss a proposed Connecticut law that would allow hydro power to be purchased as part of renewable energy requirements, alongside sources such as wind, solar, or biomass. The feature explores how the proposed law would affect New Hampshire energy producers, as well as the Northern Pass project -- a proposed transmission line that would convey primarily hydro energy from Quebec, Canada, through New Hampshire.

"It may be premature to jump to the conclusion that [the proposed law] will crush the incentives for renewables throughout the entire region," Mr. Hibbard explains. "But to the extent that other states join in and start focusing on large hydro, then it can have a steamrolling effect."

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