Vice President Paul Hibbard Models Ratepayer Impact of Utility Resource Procurement Options

October 29, 2014

Vice President Paul Hibbard recently provided testimony, on behalf of power plant owners, before the Florida and Minnesota public utility commissions to evaluate local utilities' resource procurement selections and model likely ratepayer impacts resulting from utility resource choices. Mr. Hibbard's evaluations included assessments of generating resource power system reliability and energy and environmental policy benefits, a critique of the utilities' power system dispatch and revenue requirement calculations, and direct modeling of the levelized cost of electricity of various utility resource choices under an array of financial, system, operational, and generator performance scenarios.

Mr. Hibbard's evaluations were focused on helping the commissions decide which resource options represented the best long-term outcomes from the perspectives of the utilities' ratepayers, reliable system operations, and the states' energy and environmental policy objectives. In both cases, the power plant owners have entered into negotiations with the host utility for power purchase and asset acquisition agreements.  

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