Vice President Paul Hibbard Speaks on Energy Issues

October 08, 2014

Analysis Group Vice President Paul Hibbard recently spoke at three energy industry conferences. At Law Seminar International's Columbia River Treaty Conference on the valuation of power benefits, Mr. Hibbard participated on a panel, "The Big Money Issue: Canadian Entitlement Cash Flows from Hydroelectric Generation." The two-day conference held in Seattle, Washington, September 22--23, 2014, focused on a number of energy and environmental issues related to the potential termination of the Columbia River Treaty, widely regarded as one of the most successful resource-use treaties in history, and the consequences associated with terminating, modifying, or amending the treaty on interest groups ranging from flood-prone communities to fisheries to electricity consumers.

Mr. Hibbard also participated as the keynote speaker at the New England Consumer Liaison Group Meeting on September 24, 2014, in Westborough, Massachusetts. In the presentation, "New England's Energy Future: The Interplay of Markets, Gas/Electric Infrastructure, and Public Policy," he discussed the need in the New England region to add electricity and natural gas infrastructure, and costs and benefits associated with new infrastructure investment. The meeting also brought together discussants from industry and government organizations for a roundtable topic, "Coming Interactions Between the New England States and ISO New England: Effects on Reliability and Price."

At the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum, held October 6--8, 2014, in Miami, Florida, Mr. Hibbard presented at the energy storage workshop, "Economics, Tariffs, Implementation," on different value perspectives of combining energy storage with renewable energy output in island environments, providing examples of the value of storage and renewable combinations to utilities and ratepayers using Analysis Group's Renewable & Storage Optimization Model (RSOM). Policy makers, developers, utilities, and professionals in the industry attended the three-day conference focused on the rapidly emerging renewables market in the Caribbean.

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