Analysis Group Provides Critical Analysis in "Deflategate" Matter -- Client, NFL Players Association, Victorious

Judge’s Decision Overturning Brady Suspension Cites Expert Testimony Supported by Statistical Examination Conducted by Analysis Group

Analysis Showed No Statistical Difference in the Relative Pressure Drop of the Footballs Used by Both Patriots and Colts -- Discrediting NFL’s Case against Brady

Date:September 09, 2015
Contact:Graham Buck

Boston, MA -- Analysis Group, a leading economics and analytics consultancy firm, provided critical analysis to bolster the case of its client, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), which won its lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL) regarding the four-game suspension of New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady in the so-called "Deflategate" case. 

In his decision issued on September 3rd, US District Court Judge Richard M. Berman granted the NFLPA's motion to vacate that suspension, referencing Analysis Group academic affiliate and testifying expert Edward A. Snyder, Dean of the Yale School of Management. Dean Snyder presented his findings at the June 23rd appeal hearing before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, referencing "impromptu protocols" used at halftime of the AFC Championship Game on January 18, 2015, between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, and emphasizing that the pressure measurements (PSI) were taken sequentially, first for the relatively cold and wet Patriots' footballs and then for the Colts' footballs. This timing was not accounted for in the statistical evidence presented by Exponent in the NFL-sponsored Wells Report. Dean Snyder concluded that after properly accounting for timing, there was no statistical difference in the relative pressure drop of Patriots' and Colts' footballs.

Supporting Dean Snyder in the analysis were Senior Lecturer Michael J. Moore of Northwestern University, and an Analysis Group team led by Vice President Jimmy Royer as well as Managing Principals Pierre Cremieux and Paul Greenberg. Dean Snyder, Dr. Moore, and the Analysis Group team were retained by counsel for the NFLPA, Jeffrey Kessler, David Greenspan, and Ben Sokoly of Winston & Strawn, to assess the statistical evidence presented by Exponent in the NFL-sponsored Wells Report.

"We were excited to be asked to serve in this role supporting Dean Snyder's testimony and are delighted with Judge Berman's decision regarding our client, the NFL Players Association," said Martha Samuelson, Analysis Group President and CEO. "As the NFLPA's expert testifying witness, Dean Snyder's testimony and the supporting analytical work of our Analysis Group experts clearly showed the Wells Report was based on flawed evidence. Sound empirical evidence must be the basis of conclusions in this matter."

According to Mr. Greenberg, "Dean Snyder's systematic evaluation of the conditions under which the footballs' PSIs were measured not only contradicted the inaccurate findings cited in the Wells Report, but also provided scientifically sound context for the Judge to consider the NFL's appeal."

While the NFL has officially appealed Judge Berman's decision, the dates of future hearings have yet to be announced. Mr. Brady is slated to start in the Patriots' season opener on September 10th.

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