Litigation support and economic analysis involving finance, accounting, intellectual property, and valuation

For our tax work, our professionals draw on our firm’s long-established leadership in financial analysis, intellectual property, accounting, and valuation to address the most challenging tax-related issues. This includes assessing tax liability and exposure related to tangible investments, such as real estate and other assets, and analysis of complex intracompany pricing issues.

In our work on behalf of government clients, we assess tax shelters, typically within the context of a Department of Justice or Internal Revenue Service investigation.

In a tax shelter matter involving Chemtech Royalty Associates, a special purpose entity created by Dow Chemical, we supported affiliate
R. Glenn Hubbard in his assessment of issues related to debt and equity. A Louisiana District Court decided in favor of our client, the DOJ.

We also analyze intangibles such as intellectual property for tax purposes, and have extensive experience dealing with transfer pricing controversies, assisting both leading multinational corporations and tax authorities.