For more than 20 years, our experts in epidemiology have worked with prominent academics, clinicians, and health care industry thought leaders to develop compelling results for our clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries, and health insurance. Our epidemiology research is grounded in data from clinical trials and observational naturalistic settings. 

We have undertaken a diverse range of studies, including:

  • Safety analysis of phase II and III clinical trials
  • Post-marketing drug safety epidemiology studies
  • Pharmacovigilance and adverse event analyses
  • Descriptive prevalence and incidence studies
  • Quality of life and patient-reported outcome studies
  • Risk-benefit analysis
  • Comparative studies to evaluate causality between treatments and efficacy and safety outcomes 

We use epidemiological and biostatistical techniques to develop empirical and real-world evidence based on a range of data sources. Our analyses support clients in many health-related litigation matters related to product liability, securities fraud, or sales and marketing practices, and other issues at the liability, class certification, and damages phases.

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