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Specialized economic and financial expertise

Financial regulations emerging from the credit crisis will have long-lasting implications for the ways in which financial products are developed, marketed, and regulated. Litigation arising from the recent economic turmoil continues to play out, even as new regulations begin to reshape an industry defined by highly complex products, processes, and interdependencies. Expertise in finance, accounting and disclosure, and valuation, as well as in the dynamics and mechanisms of the financial markets, will be essential to risk management and litigation strategy.

Analysis Group has been engaged in numerous complex litigations emerging from the subprime lending debacle and credit crisis: from predatory lending suits to ERISA and pension performance-related matters; from numerous 10b-5 class actions to allegations of fraud and breach of fiduciary duty in the context of bankruptcy. We have also provided analyses in government investigations, both civil and criminal, and in disputes involving securities lending.

We routinely work with leading authorities in many areas at the center of the 2010 financial reform: derivatives and securitization, hedge funds, mortgage products, credit ratings agencies, and payment cards.  

What Is a Prudent Investment? Using Simulation to Evaluate Investment Selections
What Is a Prudent Investment? Using Simulation to Evaluate Investment SelectionsManaging Principal D. Lee Heavner describes some of the approaches that experts use in cases involving allegations of imprudent selection or retention of retirement plan investments.

We team with our academic and industry affiliates to provide highly specialized experience in assessing questions related to corporate governance, disclosure, due diligence, and suitability of investments. We also have a wealth of experience in analyzing fees associated with mutual funds, annuities, and other financial products, and have helped to achieve successful outcomes in several fee-related matters.

We are highly qualified in the valuation of equity and fixed income instruments, including complex financial instruments such as securitized assets, structured investment vehicles, and exotic derivatives. Clients come to us to accurately evaluate the financial implications related to such products and to prepare effective testimony in litigation or regulatory contexts.

Our clients include leading investment banks, mutual funds, asset management firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, insurance companies, Fortune 500 companies, mortgage lenders, accounting firms, market makers, government bodies, pension funds, and savings and loans institutions.



R .Glenn HubbardAffiliate R. Glenn Hubbard delivered expert testimony in the acquittal of two former Bear Stearns hedge fund managers.


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