Affiliated Experts

Stanley I. Ornstein

Affiliate, Analysis Group, Inc.

Analysis Group Contact
Mark Egland 

Ph.D., economics, University of California, Los Angeles; M.S., business administration and B.S., engineering, San Diego State University
Summary of Experience:
Dr. Ornstein is an economist specializing in antitrust and issues of competition and anti-competitive behavior. He has served as an economic consultant on a broad range of antitrust topics, including collusion, mergers and acquisitions, market foreclosure, exclusive dealing, predatory pricing, and tie-in sales. Dr. Ornstein has published more than 25 papers in economics journals and chapters in books on antitrust and other economic topics. In addition, he coauthored The Mutual Fund Industry (2010), a study of price competition between mutual funds; authored Advertising Intensity and Industrial Concentration (1977), a study of advertising’s relationship to market structure and use for anti-competitive purposes; and coedited and contributed to The Impact of Large Firms on the U.S. Economy (1973).  


In this Q&A, Managing Principal Mark Egland and affiliate Stanley Ornstein answer six compelling questions about investor fees and competition in the mutual fund industry.