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Stanley I. Ornstein

Affiliate, Analysis Group, Inc.

Analysis Group Contact
Mark Egland 

Ph.D., economics, University of California, Los Angeles; M.S., business administration and B.S., engineering, San Diego State University
Summary of Experience:
Dr. Ornstein specializes in applied microeconomics, industrial economics, and their application to issues of competition and general business litigation. He has served as an economic consultant and developed and managed analyses on a broad range of liability and damages issues including antitrust, intellectual property, false advertising, and other matters. Dr. Ornstein has published a number of journal articles, chapters in books, and books on issues in industrial economics, including studies on the nature and effects of competition in mutual funds, alcoholic beverage industries, and motion picture distribution; the influence of market structure on industry performance; and such antitrust topics as exclusive dealing, resale price maintenance, and tie-in sales.


In this Q&A, Managing Principal Mark Egland and affiliate Stanley Ornstein answer six compelling questions about investor fees and competition in the mutual fund industry.