Securities & Financial Instruments

Specialized economic and financial expertise

Structure of Financial Markets

Our professionals and academic and industry experts are fluent in the dynamics of the financial markets, and the interrelationships at play. Several of our affiliates have played integral roles in influencing the ways in which the current markets function.

We have worked for a number of major financial services firms and institutions, including the SEC. Through this extensive casework, we have developed an in-depth understanding of financial markets and mechanisms.

This experience is directly relevant to economic analysis of the range of issues that have surfaced in investigations related to the subprime lending crisis.

Issues in M&A Litigation 

A Closer Look at M&A-Related LitigationHow are corporate assets accounted for? How is value measured? What is the role of the board? We offer insights on the strategy and litigation issues associated with mergers and acquisitions. 

In the context of merger-related litigations, we also have examined such issues as access to information, corporate governance, and the role of arbitrageurs. We have undertaken multiple analyses of bid-ask spreads and have provided expert economic analysis in matters calling for expertise managing massive data sets. In the Nasdaq conspiracy and price-fixing matter, for example, we analyzed and categorized years of transaction data covering more than 10 billion trades of over 6,000 different securities in order to measure market share.


Ray BallAffiliate Ray Ball is one of the world's leading experts on the relation between financial disclosures and stock prices.