Labor & Employment

Litigation consulting and expert testimony involving compensation, recruitment, hiring, and disciplinary/termination

Wage and Hour Regulation Compliance

Effective compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) or state wage and hour regulations, or response to specific allegations of violations, often involves review of companies' record keeping or correction of historical data. Our skill in managing the large databases that are typically involved in this work is an important asset for our clients, for whom data analysis on this scale can be a formidable task.

We apply sophisticated quantitative analyses to help our clients properly recalculate disputed overtime, ensure compliance with exempt/non-exempt employee classification requirements, or address other compliance requirements.

We regularly employ advanced sampling and surveying techniques in compliance-related engagements. 

Specifically, we have expertise in:

  • Assistance with compliance or calculation of damages in litigation
  • Evaluation of appropriateness of class
  • Accurate computation of regular rate of pay
  • Management of large payroll databases
  • Implementation of sampling and survey techniques
  • Modeling the economic response of employers to changes in the exempt status of employees