With offices in the United States, Canada, and China, we’re never far from interesting and important work. We staff many of our engagements with teams drawn from multiple offices.

Washington, DC

Since its opening in 1996, our Washington, DC office has supported clients in numerous business litigation and governmental regulation matters. As the office continues to grow, we balance new analysts with senior staff to provide clients with the highest levels of service and expertise. Our work frequently involves providing expert testimony as well as consulting services across a wide range of case needs.

Examples of Our Work 


Managing Principals and Principals
T. Christopher Borek
John C. Jarosz
R. Jeffrey Malinak
Justin N. McLean
Carla S. Mulhern
Robert L. Vigil
Vice Presidents
John M. Browning
Michael J. Chapman
Michael Cliff
Robin Heider
Ajay Jyoti
Daria Z. Killebrew
Washington D.C. Office Exterior

800 17th Street, NW
Suite 400
Washington, DC  20006

Tel: 202-785-6300
Fax: 202-530-0436