Analysis Group Pro Bono Team Works to Evaluate Program Focused on Children with Complex Medical Needs

The Massachusetts Alliance for Complex Care (MACC) was established in 2014 by the Boston Medical Center (BMC) with the aid of a federal grant. The MACC developed the Collaborative Care Coordination and Consultative Model (4C) to provide a higher level of care for children born with complex medical needs (e.g., autism, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy). Total enrollment in the 4C program has reached 100 patients, with prospects of continued significant growth.

An Analysis Group team—president Pierre Cremieux, manager Elyse Swallow, senior analysts Samantha Flattery and Rachel Bhak, and analyst Mark Meiselbach—has been assisting BMC on a pro bono basis in its evaluation of the MACC / 4C program. The team has performed analyses of patient survey data, analyzing changes in quality of life and healthcare satisfaction. They will also work with BMC to conduct a cost-effectiveness evaluation of the program.

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