Eurotrain Consortium v. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation

In a high-profile international dispute, Analysis Group's client was awarded damages consistent with the amounts determined by our expert, affiliate Laura Stamm. The Eurotrain Consortium was awarded priority status in 1997 as preferential bidder to provide core systems for the multibillion-dollar Taiwan high-speed train project undertaken by Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp (THSRC). The project was to connect Taiwan's capital, Taipei, with its second-largest city, Kaohsiung. After Eurotrain had spent more than $32 million in development costs, THSRC awarded the final contract to Taiwan Shinkansen Consortium of Japan.

"This result would not have been possible without Analysis Group's invaluable assistance."

-- Alan B. Howard, Lead attorney for Winston & Strawn, counsel for Eurotrain

Following a partial award on liability in Eurotrain's favor in March 2002, Ms. Stamm provided expert reports and took the stand as an expert witness on behalf of Eurotrain. An international arbitration panel deemed Ms. Stamm's analysis and testimony on damages "fair and just" and awarded Eurotrain the exact amount of reliance damages claimed, $32.4 million, and a further $35.7 million for unjust enrichment compensation, before prejudgment interest.

Testifying Experts