Class Certification

Stephen Cacciola - Headshot 

Stephen Cacciola

Vice President, Boston

I got to play two roles on this case. First, I advised the lawyers we worked with on their production of transactional data on LCD sales necessary to assess the plaintiffs’ allegations of price-fixing. Cleaning these data was really challenging because we had to translate much of the information into English. While this was a lot of work and a somewhat unusual assignment for a group of economists, it was satisfying to me because the cleaned data files we produced have been the basis for analysis in all phases of the LCD case, from class certification to individual plaintiff lawsuits. Second, I supported Dean Edward Snyder, who analyzed whether the alleged injury and damages to the proposed indirect purchaser class of end users could be evaluated on a common, class-wide basis. That meant determining whether direct purchasers faced a common overcharge and whether any pass-on decisions by intermediaries in the distribution chain were common to all class members. In other words, it came down to analyzing the facts and the data to understand how firms determine prices and make other key economic decisions.