Managing Principal, Boston

What was your path to Analysis Group?
For me, the road here was certainly not a straight line! I started out with a B.A. and M.A. in economics and finance from Brandeis and then joined an economic consulting firm. I ended up going back to school, to Wharton, to study strategy and operations and to get an M.B.A. I then went the corporate route for a while, but after several years in the telecommunications industry, I was looking for more of an intellectual challenge.

I ran into Richard Starfield, one of Analysis Group’s managing principals, at the dentist – he was wearing a shirt with the firm’s logo on it. We started talking about the firm and our common acquaintances in Analysis Group’s Washington, DC office, such as John Jarosz and Carla Mulhern – people I had worked with years ago! Soon after that, I joined Analysis Group’s business strategy practice.
What is it like working on both strategy and litigation cases?
I started out at the firm working solely on business strategy engagements, but I now work on both strategy and litigation cases. I like the diversity of working on both – for me, specialization is limiting. About 80 percent of what I do is applicable to both strategy and litigation; while the questions and clients are different, the work is similar.

On the strategy side, the problems we address are more focused on forward-looking growth questions, the teams are smaller and there tends to be more client interaction. On the litigation side, cases can involve analyzing a lot of different kinds of data as well as business economics and strategy issues. I’ve worked on some pretty big cases, one involving bid-rigging allegations in the insurance industry, and also several MasterCard cases.
What is it like collaborating with academic affiliates?
People at Analysis Group have a lot of energy and are extremely bright. I enjoy the challenge of helping to shape a team – finding the right people for the right positions, and then encouraging the open exchange of ideas across the team. Along with a healthy dose of fun, that’s a big part of working together successfully.